Service First: Baptist team members recognized for empathy and hard work

Linda Callington

Baptist Calhoun

Baptist Calhoun recognized Linda Callington as Service First Champion. Linda helped a co-worker and her five children who were displaced. When Linda found out, she organized the laboratory staff to come together and bless her co-worker with a household gift.

“The Baptist Calhoun team saw one of its own in need and heeded the call to give,” Linda’s nominator said. “Linda is an awesome teacher and team player, and she goes above and beyond to help others whenever possible.”

Baptist Collierville

Rory Rambert

Rory Rambert, a floor finisher with Environmental Services, was recently named Baptist Collierville’s Service First Champion. Rory does an outstanding job cleaning and waxing the floors in the Emergency Department.

“They are so clean and shine like glass!,” his nominator noted. “He spent extra time cleaning after we had a patient with severe bleeding. Rory’s extra time and efforts were recognized by the physician and the nurses.”

Baptist Golden Triangle

Krista Phillips

A fellow team member nominated Krista Phillips, RN, 4 PT, for going above and beyond her normal work duties for a patient who was in the hospital on Easter Sunday. The patient was sad because he and his wife would not be able to attend an annual Easter egg hunt. Krista found empty plastic eggs at the nurses’ station, filled them with knick knacks and scriptures from a blessings jar, and hid them so the patient could have his own Easter egg hunt in the hallway. The patient’s wife later expressed her thanks to Krista for organizing the hunt and said it made a world of difference to him, especially because this was the second time in a month he had been in the hospital.

“Krista provided a ray of sunshine during our hospital stay,” the nomination said.

Her fellow team members are also impressed with Krista’s dedication.

“Krista is a new nurse on our unit and still in orientation, and I cannot express how awesome, sweet and compassionate she is. I am honored to call her a co-worker on 4PT,” a co-worker said.