‘Right Care at Baptist’ Podcast Reaching Baptist Providers at the Right Time

Right Care at Baptist is a new podcast that debuted last summer, created to educate Baptist physicians, advanced practice providers and other health care practitioners about COVID-19 protocols, testing, treatment plans and vaccination plans. The podcast also offers CME credit for physicians.

“We wanted to set up easily accessible CME credits for our practitioners, to help them understand what was going in the Baptist system with COVID-19 from a clinical and operational standpoint,” said Dr. Jake Lancaster, Baptist’s chief medical information officer.

Dr. Lancaster, along with Dr. Henry Sullivant, Baptist’s vice president and chief medical officer, host the biweekly podcast.

Although the intended audience is doctors and advanced practice providers in the Baptist system, analytics show listeners tune in from all across the country.

“The first 20 episodes were weekly and were focused on COVID-19,” explained Dr. Lancaster. “Since then, we’ve had a greater variety of topics, like substance abuse and addiction, lung cancer screenings and evaluation and management code changes physicians need to be aware of.”

To date, the Right Care at Baptist podcast has been downloaded 2,500 times with 1,000 unique listeners. The most listened to episode was the COVID-19 vaccine update with Jillian Foster, Baptist’s system pharmacy administrator.

Dr. Lancaster plans to keep covering COVID-19 and other topics of interest. If you have anything you’d like to hear about, you can contact him directly at Jake.Lancaster@BMHCC.org. Information about getting CME credit for listening to the podcast is available online. You can listen to Right Care at Baptist on AppleGoogleSpotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.