RENEW Your Health in 2023 with our Virtual Wellness Program

An important deadline is approaching. RENEW is a free, eight-week wellness program that can help you gain healthy behaviors and change your life! Sign up by Thursday, Jan. 12 at baptistonline.org/renew.


  • Be willing to change your habits.
  • Attend all scheduled group classes on Microsoft Teams on Tuesday evenings at 6–7p.m., starting Jan. 17 through March 14.
  • Learn about nutrition, health and exercise.
  • Commit to RENEW and change your life!

Complete the online registration form by Jan. 12 at baptistonline.org/renew.

You must be at least 18 years old to participate. If you have questions, please contact Robin Wallace at 901-734-9409 or robinleewallace@gmail.com.