Registered Dietitians Offering Nutrition Seminars Through BestHealth

Every day there’s a headline about what’s good or bad for you to eat. So what’s true? Good news for Baptist team members: through the BestHealth program, registered dietitians are presenting monthly seminars on various nutrition topics.

The seminars began in January and will continue throughout the year. Classes are held at several Baptist Memorial hospitals, and videos of all classes will be available on the BestHealth Sharepoint site.

“Nutrition is one of BestHealth’s pillars, so we want to offer classes on topics common in the media that can be confusing,” said Shannon Leeke, BestHealth wellbeing specialist. “These seminars give attendees accurate information from a credentialed professional, in many cases, someone they know.”

February’s topic is Healthy Meal Prep. Other topics scheduled this year include Navigating the Grocery Store, Hidden Ingredients in Food Labels, Stress-Busting Foods, Eating Fast Without Fast Food, How to Hydrate, Packing a Balanced School Lunch, Hormonal Wellness for Menopause, Restoring Digestive Health, Foods for Optimal Energy and Healthy Holiday Recipe Swap. Each seminar lasts 30 minutes, and questions are welcomed. To register for a class:

  • Log in to HealthStream
  • Click on the “Catalog” tab
  • In the search bar, type “BestHealth” (one word, not two)
  • Locate “BMH BestHealth Nutrition Lecture” and click on the “Info” button
  • Click on the “Choose Class” button
  • Find the location, date and time you would like to attend and click on the green “Register” button

BestHealth will supplement the nutrition lectures with a new Pinterest idea board each month. For February’s board, click here: https://www.pinterest.com/baptistonline/besthealth/meal-prep/.