Quick thinking results in successful rescue of abducted child at Baptist Memphis

While on her lunch hour on Monday, Oct. 10, Kaytlin Brown spent time browsing social media and news on her phone. On Facebook, Kaytlin noticed a story about a child who was abducted from her home in Florida. While Amber Alerts had hit many phones earlier, none displayed the picture of 4-year-old Rebecca Lewis that Kaytlin saw on social media.

“I headed back to work, and it was all fresh on my mind,” she said.

Her first task after lunch was to deliver blood. Trained to scan hallways for patients and traffic, Kaytlin naturally looked to her left while exiting a door. At that moment, something caught her eye.                                       

“I saw a man and a little girl walking towards me, and I thought she looked just like the picture I saw.” Ever intuitive and with her heart racing, Kaytlin took the first turn she could find and ran to the OR where her dad, Carey McIllwain, a surgery nurse at Baptist for more than 20 years, was working.