Q&A with Lia Lansky: BestHealth Wellbeing Program Creates Results

Lia Lansky, system director of wellbeing, has been very busy helping to keep Baptist team members healthy. We caught up with her to get the latest on the BestHealth Wellbeing program at Baptist. She has lots of good news to share.

The BestHealth Wellbeing program started in 2018. How successful has the program been?

Engagement in BestHealth has been phenomenal. In 2020 we reached a 91% participation rate for our biometric screenings. The metrics provided give us a bird’s-eye view of our health as a population, allowing us to create and deliver helpful programs for our team members.

While our Wellbeing team increased engagement in large-scale programs designed to mitigate emerging risks, we also began to increase our focus on care management for nearly nine percent of our population that is classified as high risk. Our high-risk population saw fewer emergency department and inpatient visits if they worked with a Wellbeing Specialist or Nurse Care Coordinator.

Can you think of any instances of a team member’s life changing for the better because of the BestHealth Wellbeing program?

So many wonderful, heartwarming testimonials of how BestHealth has changed lives because of our programming for weight loss, diabetes, tobacco cessation and fitness. It is impossible for me to single out just one because each one is so fantastic to witness!

This year with BestHealth we launched our own Tobacco Cessation program, and the majority in the course either quit or cut back. The Go Healthy! Weight Management program has seen tremendous weight losses throughout the past few years. Through a holistic approach, we are able to change perspectives regarding nutrition and educate participants on lifestyle changes rather than diet. We look forward to another year of numerous triumphs in Wellbeing here at Baptist.

The deadline for biometric screenings is coming up on Friday, Nov. 12. What would you like team members to know about these screenings?

We want you to make certain your biometric screening results were submitted. Please check your BestHealth app or the portal (https://portal.inhealth4change.com) to ensure there is a green check mark next to biometric screening in the Rewards section. If there is not and it has been over a week since you had your biometric screening, please contact BestHealth at 901-227-2378 (BEST) or BESTHEALTH@bmhcc.org.

If you have not had your biometric screening, don’t forget to complete the Health Risk Questionnaire on the app or portal before you go!

Could you also share some details about the Diabetes Management program for Baptist team members?

I love our new Diabetes Management program because we can cover the costs of medications and supplies for those diagnosed to ensure their diabetes is controlled. The program is available to team members, spouses and dependents who are on the BCBS insurance plan.

You can receive the amazing benefits after meeting a few requirements, such as completing a biometric screening, an annual wellness visit and quarterly meetings with a Wellbeing Specialist or a Nurse Care Coordinator. Enrollment is simple. Reach out to BestHealth for an enrollment packet to start saving and improving your health.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

We would like to encourage participants to look on the BestHealth app or portal for individual results from year to year. The Know Your Number (KYN) score is a great tool to determine if you are maintaining your health. If your number is increasing, please reach out to BestHealth to determine the best course of action. Also, if you review your results, you can view your predicted risk for chronic disease.

Please let us know how we can help you on your journey to BestHealth by emailing BestHealth@bmhcc.org, calling 901-227-2378 (BEST) or clicking here for BestHealth Coaching.