Peer-2-Peer Day at MBMC Gives Team Members a Chance to Recognize Colleagues

Meet Cam Woodall. If you’re a team member at Mississippi Baptist Medical Center (MBMC), you might expect a shout-out when you see him coming.

Cam is the performance improvement coordinator for the hospital, and on Peer-2-Peer Day, held each quarter, Cam delivers. What he delivers are cutouts with handwritten messages from one team member to another, recognizing traits like humility or trust. The cutouts follow a seasonal theme. In February, they were hearts, and in May they’ll be butterflies.

Now in its second year, Peer-2-Peer Day uses one of the Baptist Management System’s Guiding Principles as a focus for the recognition. “For the peer-to-peer events, we connect one of those principles to how we want to recognize our peers,” said Cam. In February, the Guiding Principle was respect. In May, it will be empathy.

Each quarter, team members who wish to recognize a colleague, including managers, directors and senior leaders, include their message on the cutout and attach it to a tree in the main lobby. Cam collects those cutouts, scans them and delivers the recognition or words of encouragement to the person being honored for demonstrating one of the Guiding Principles.

“You can definitely tell that it brightens people’s days,” said Cam.

The 11 Guiding Principles are: respect, humility, trust, empathy, perfection, process focus, scientific thinking, quality at the source, flow and pull, constancy of purpose and systemic thinking.