Nurse Ty Wells’ CPR skills saves patient’s life

Submitted by Lisa Moses, FNP

On Thursday, April 19, I received a call that one of our patients was experiencing a Code Blue. This patient, a 33-year-old woman, had given birth to her son 21 days prior. She was admitted to Baptist Memphis and found to have bilateral pulmonary emboli. She appeared to be doing well until this unfortunate, scary morning. On arrival to the patient’s room, I saw at least 20 people inside the room and many others in the hall. My eyes were directed to the actions of one man at her side. He was delivering 120 chest compressions per minute with an accuracy, speed, and depth that I have not ever witnessed. The CPR went on for over 40 minutes.

Other rescuers helped relieve Ty, a 25-year old nurse, but Dr. Mohan continued to call Ty back to the patient’s side because of his high-quality chest compressions. Ty never gave up. Though tired, he continued. Later on, Ty said he pictured the patient’s baby boy in his mind, and knew that the baby needed his mother as much as the father and other children.

Because the CPR continued for more than 40 minutes, which is a very long time for a resuscitation effort, a risk of anoxic brain injury exists. Due to Ty’s determination and skilled, high-quality CPR, along with the efforts of the medical response team, this woman was fully resuscitated with no residual deficits.

No one will ever forget the brave, steady work of Ty Wells, the nurse by this patient’s side. He exemplifies the qualities of heroism and outstanding patient care that we strive to achieve as nurses.