New RN Weekender Programs Redefine the Weekend Shift

We are excited to introduce new flexible schedules for RNs that fit all lifestyles. We have launched a new program that expands our weekender program to include shifts that start on Friday at 7 a.m. and end on Tuesday at 7 a.m. This provides the unique opportunity for RNs to work four consecutive days every other weekend or to work two consecutive weekend shifts (Friday/Saturday, Saturday/Sunday, or Sunday/Monday) to earn up to double their base pay in designated and approved areas.

To qualify for these flexible schedules, nurses must have at least one year of experience in the chosen specialty within the last one to three years. Keep reading to learn more about these new positions.

If you know RNs who might be interested in the new expanded Nurse Weekender Program, please ask them to visit https://baptistnurses.org/rnweekender/ for more information.

2+2 Part-Time Position – Choose Your Weekend Shift

The Part-Time RN Weekender position allows nurses to select their own preferred core two-day schedule and earn up to double the base pay. RN Weekenders in this position work Friday and Saturday, Saturday and Sunday, or Sunday and Monday, and enjoy five days off. Shifts are approved based upon operational needs on the weekends by the manager. The position is eligible for part-time benefits if all eligibility requirements are met.

The 4/10 RN Part-Time Weekender (4 days on/10 days off)

The 4/10 Weekender Program gives nurses the ability to work four days — every other weekend, Friday through Monday, either days (7 a.m.–7 p.m.) or nights (7 p.m.–7 a.m.) — for a total of 48 scheduled hours, followed by 10 days off, and the opportunity to earn up to double the base pay for night shifts. This is a part-time position and is eligible for part-time benefits if all eligibility requirements are met.

Full-Time Weekender Option With Core Benefits

Full-time RN Weekender nurses can enjoy all core benefits by simply adding a weekday shift to their weekend schedule. If the additional shift is on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, full-time RN Weekender nurses are paid at their base rate. If the additional shift is on a Friday or Monday, nurses will be paid both the Weekender base and supplemental rates, as approved by management.

For more information about the new Nurse Weekender Programs, please visit https://baptistnurses.org/rnweekender/.