NEA Baptist and Baptist Memphis Nurses Earn DAISY Awards

NEA Baptist and Baptist Memphis honored nurses with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for going above and beyond and demonstrating patience and empathy toward patients and family members.

NEA Baptist

Denise Johansen, an RN on 5 West at NEA Baptist, was nominated by family members of two patients for her professionalism, patience and excellent communication skills. One of her nominators said, “Nurse Denise is an example to follow to relate with the patients.” The nominator also praised Denise for being “professional and calm” and “explaining medical terms and why she was doing what was necessary with the navigation of the medical procedures.”

Another patient’s family member nominated Denise for her patience and empathy with the patient’s spouse, who was having a difficult time with his wife’s illness. The nominator said, “She always checks in every hour, and she truly cares for my grandmother. She was especially patient with my grandfather, who isn’t as patient. He was very angry, and she dealt with it better than anyone could have. She calmed him down and helped him come to a decision about hospice.”

Candice Tansil, an RN in the Women’s Center at NEA Baptist, received three nominations from patients for her extraordinary care. One of her nominators said, “Candice went above and beyond to make me feel well cared for the whole time. All the little things, such as a familiar smiling face on arrival, remembering which room we delivered in before, lining up my same night nurse and staying two hours after her shift change to be with us during the birth of our daughter truly meant the world to our family.”

Another patient who nominated Candice remarked on her outstanding patience and empathy. She said, “I had difficulty with my delivery and was in great pain and discomfort. Candice was right there, encouraging me and helping me keep my spirits up. She even left lunch early and came and checked on me. She never got upset or lost her temper with me as I was losing mine!”

“I felt completely taken care of at every step of the process, even when the situation was out of my hands,” said another of Candice’s patients who had a 38-hour labor and unexpected C-section.

Jonathan Carner, an RN in the Emergency department at NEA Baptist, was nominated by a co-worker for his compassion and care for patients. His co-worker was amazed by the “patience and warmth and caring he showed” a 9-year-old behavioral health patient who had been through trauma.

“John was able to keep this child calm and unafraid. He made sure the patient was pleased with his meals. Once, he even walked him to the vending machine to get him something he asked for,” shared the nominator.

Baptist Memphis

Charlene Warner, an RN on 3 East at Baptist Memphis, was nominated by an 87-year-old patient for her gentleness and anticipation of needs. Charlene voiced concerns behind the scenes after receiving the patient’s discharge orders, advising that the patient wasn’t strong enough to go home. “As things played out, I would have returned to the hospital had I gone home,” the nomination said.

The patient had many words of praise for Charlene, including: “She is the perfect blend of strength and gentleness, and she knows what is needed when. She quietly offered her understanding to the emotional needs of all my family members. I am grateful for the loving care, but also for the gift of rewriting the negative attachment I had about going to a hospital for so many years.”