Mississippi Baptist Medical Center Names Volunteer of the Year

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center recently named Peggy Horne its Volunteer of the Year.

Peggy has volunteered for the hospital for 15 years and helps families every Tuesday in the ICU waiting room. She also sews pillow cases that every heart surgery patient receives upon discharge.

“She brings joy into the hospital with her beautiful smile and upbeat attitude,” said Kimberly Dear, Mississippi Baptist Medical Center’s director of patient and guest services.

Peggy’s generosity extends far beyond the walls of the hospital; she drives friends to doctors’ appointments, and every December, she and her fellow church members go to Dallas to prepare Christmas boxes for needy children all over the world.

“Whether it is a former classmate or a member of her Sunday school class, Peggy is always there to keep in touch and provide help whenever it is needed,” said Kimberly.

In addition to serving others, Peggy keeps herself fit with water aerobics, serving as the “Queen Bee” of a group of water aerobics enthusiasts called the Aqua Bees. She also likes to travel and fellowship with her Sunday School class and a Ridgeland, Mississippi, ladies group. Peggy loves spending time with her daughter, two sons, six grandsons, and four great grandchildren.

Peggy was married to the love of her life for 59 years until he was called home in 2014. She worked by his side every day at their independent life and health insurance agency.