Memphis view on Mississippi Baptist Epic go-live

In the first Leader article about the Mississippi Baptist go-live, we caught up with Jackson teams to share their stories. As we continue to move through current and future phases in Jackson, we wanted to catch the news from a few of the Memphis teams. And their work will stagger your mind!

  • Both Memphis and Jackson Baptist Technology Services (BTS) teams readied 5,432 devices for the go-live.
  • The Baptist OneCare (BOC) instructional designers and the Jackson credentialed trainers and training specialists completed 100% of training prior to the February 1 go-live.
  • The core Help Desk agents, supported by a secondary intake center of contracted agents, sat by the banks of phones ready to assist. They logged 5,734 tickets during the first 14 days!
  • The clinics and hospitals signed up more than 2,700 patients on MyChart in the first two weeks.

Dr. Timothy Chen said, “The greatest benefit for our patients would be their ability to really engage in their own health. Epic allows patients to use their MyChart and see what’s going on with respect to their health care. It also streamlines the physician-patient relationship by allowing patients direct communication with their providers and vice versa.”

Jill Truitt, chief information officer with BTS in Memphis, helped run the command center. Lauren Yates, the system BOC nurse champion, worked with nursing informatics team members from across the system to recruit, coordinate and deploy super users of all disciplines to Jackson, Attala, Leake and Yazoo.

“A go-live requires experienced super users on the premises to teach, reinforce and support clinical staff and physicians. With encouragement from the leaders at all our hospitals, we had an overwhelming response from our entire system—approximately 280 super users supporting 1,000+ shifts,” said Lauren.

And, as she noted, all was done during the height of the bad flu season with a high hospital census.

Lauren also shared how welcome the super users felt during the process. “Many super users shared stories about how they had formed friendships, found common ground, and were taking back fresh ideas on processes they had seen. We were all impressed with how quickly everyone at Jackson and the critical access hospitals adapted to the new system, and also impressed with how professional, focused and friendly they stayed through this hectic period.”