MEGA Brain Entertains and Educates Visitors at Baptist Memphis

The Memphis Stroke Team at MEGA Brain, from left, Dr. Kaushik Parsha, vascular neurologist; Julie Horn, stroke coordinator; Alisia Hindman, ANP stroke; Felicia Dillard, ANP stroke; Lakesha Tillman, ANP stroke; Lauren Guff, stroke nurse ANC and Betsy Robinson, ANP stroke.

MEGA Brain paid a visit to Baptist Memphis on May 12 to help highlight National Stroke Awareness Month.

The highly interactive, educational MEGA Brain is the world’s only portable, inflatable, walk-through brain exhibit.

Hospital staff, patients, students from Baptist Health Sciences University and visitors from the public enjoyed the MEGA Brain exhibit as they learned about brain structures, normal brain function, brain trauma and disease, and the latest neurological medical treatments.

Along the way through the MEGA Brain exhibit, visitors learned about concussions, addiction, stroke warning signs, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, electrical transmission, the limbic system and more.

Check out the image gallery to see the giant brain on display at Baptist Memphis.