MBMC Sponsors Event to Help Seniors in Need with Heart-Healthy Food

Mississippi Baptist Medical Center (MBMC) was a presenting sponsor for a drive-through food distribution event for seniors ages 60 and older, held on Dec. 14 in Jackson, Mississippi.

MBMC worked with the Metro Jackson American Heart Association (AHA), Magnolia Medical Foundation and the Mississippi Food Network to provide healthy food boxes to senior citizens in need in the metro Jackson area. The boxes also contained recipes for preparing heart-healthy food.

During the successful event, volunteers distributed 10,000 pounds of fresh food and healthy food boxes to seniors. The pantry is also stocked with 2,500 pounds of food for the next distribution to underserved families.

The Mississippi Food Network provided shelf-stable items, as well as fresh and frozen foods like lean meats and vegetables. They worked with Magnolia Medical Foundation to install refrigeration for cold storage, enabling a wider variety of food for distribution.

In Hinds County, where Jackson is located, nearly 33% of low-income residents face barriers to food access. MBMC is proud to work with the Metro Jackson AHA, Magnolia Medical Foundation and the Mississippi Food Network to help with the issue of food access among low-income residents.