Jason Little’s Update 5-12-20: Happy Hospital Week!


Your tireless work during the COVID-19 crisis has put you in the spotlight. And you’re finally getting the attention you so richly deserve as our country realizes how important you are. Your care and compassion is now coming to light, and people can see how remarkable your everyday work is.

In the midst of all this is Hospital Week, a time when we celebrate you and all you bring to our hospitals, to Baptist, and to our country. This year’s activities may be a little different from past years, but the spirit behind them remains the same. And I hope you continue to feel the love and gratitude we all have for you.

Sometime this week you’ll receive a shirt like this as a small token of our tremendous appreciation for all your hard work. We want you to wear this shirt on Friday to show everyone that we’re one team, working together to keep our communities healthy and strong.

In addition to wearing the shirt, I hope you can take some time to enjoy the activities your entities have planned for you this week. You deserve it. And you have more than earned it.

I cannot thank you enough for choosing to work at Baptist. These days, many are calling you essential workers, front line workers and heroes. And while those labels fit perfectly, I’m most proud to call you team members. Happy Hospital Week.