Jason Little’s COVID-19 Update 4-23-20: A Special Graduation Ceremony


Good morning everyone. Based on some data of when you are most likely to view videos, I am switching from Monday, Wednesday, Friday to a Tuesday, Thursday distribution. So look for my Coronavirus videos to come out twice a week in the future. This pandemic has been hard on so many people. One of those groups are students. Of course we have students too at the Baptist Health Sciences University. Many of whom were trying to get their studies finished so they could graduate. I am so proud of our students, our professors, our administrators at the college who have worked so hard to ensure that we have a new supply of healthcare workers graduating on time in order to help us fight COVID-19 and all of the other diseases that we battle. Recently, Dr. Betty Sue McGarvey, the president of our college and her team held our first ever graduation parade. Students received their diplomas through the windows of their car. Then our Blue Healer mascot handed them each a graduation kit. The kit came complete with a video of Dr. McGarvey giving a commencement address for them to take home and watch with their families in order to celebrate their terrific accomplishment. Let me extend a big heartfelt thank you to all of our college staff who do such a tremendous job of fulfilling out mission while educating the next generation of God’s healing instruments. Here is a short clip of what it looked like to be a part of the graduation parade.