Important Reminder for all Baptist Health Plan Members

All team members who are on Baptist’s health plan must submit the results of their biometric screening – including the results of a tobacco screening – to BestHealth by Friday, Nov. 15 to avoid an $80 a month tobacco surcharge.

Team members can get screenings in one of two ways:

  1. Go to an onsite biometric wellbeing screening. The final screenings of the year will be held next week at Baptist Memphis. The screenings are open to all Baptist team members. You must sign up in advance by:
    1. Going to HealthStream
    2. Clicking on “Catalog”
    3. Typing “biometric” in the search bar
    4. Clicking on the white “info” button next to “BMH BestHealth Biometric Screenings”
    5. Clicking on the white “Choose Class” button
    6. Clicking on the green “Register” button next to the time you want to have your screening.

PLEASE NOTE: You must fast for six hours before getting your screening, but you may still take your medications. Also, you can bring the results of any lab work performed no more than 180 days before your appointment.

  1. Visit your primary care physician or provider. Please bring the Biometric Screening Provider Form, which you can find in the Biometric Screening section of the BestHealth SharePoint site, and ask your physician/provider to complete it and submit it to BestHealth by Friday, Nov. 15.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact BestHealth at (901) 227- 2378 (BEST) or BestHealth@bmhcc.org.