Fundraiser Nets $3,000 for Centers for Good Grief

MEMPopS, a specialty shop that makes all natural, handcrafted ice pops, raised $2,917 for the Baptist Centers for Good Grief in July.

Every month, MEMPopS’ three stores collect money in tip jars and donate it to local charities. Heath Rooks, a summer intern in Baptist’s corporate communications department, contacted MEMPopS and nominated the Baptist Centers for Good Grief to receive MEMPopS community tip jar proceeds.

MEMPopS collected enough money to send two children to Camp Good Grief. In honor of their donation, the Baptist Foundation presented owner Chris Taylor with two yellow balloon paintings by local artist Richard Fudge, a senior artist in Baptist’s corporate communications department.

Baptist has three Centers for Good Grief—one in Memphis, Tennessee; one in Collierville, Tennessee; and one in Jonesboro, Arkansas. They provide a safe environment for grieving children, teens and adults to explore and express their feelings related to the death of a loved one and to learn to thrive in a world without that special person.

If you know of any other stores that have community tip jars, please contact Melissa Surles in the Baptist Foundation so she can nominate the Baptist Centers for Good Grief for more opportunities.