First On-Campus Infusion Therapy Center Offers More Convenient Care

Thanks to the new Baptist Infectious Disease Infusion Center, many patients can receive this treatment on an outpatient basis and shorten or even avoid hospital stays.

The new center is Baptist’s first on-campus infusion center and sees approximately 25 patients a day. According to Jillian Foster, system pharmacy administrator, outpatient infusion therapy is a fast, safe and cost-effective alternative to inpatient hospital-based treatment.

“Many patients might have an infection but feel better or show no other signs of illness, yet they need to finish their course of IV antibiotics,” she said. “Historically, they would have to stay in the hospital or have home infusion therapy, which for many is not convenient. With outpatient therapy, they can swing by before or after work or on the weekends.”

In addition, some emergency department patients showing an infection can avoid hospitalization altogether and instead receive outpatient infusion therapy. The therapy is effective for a wide variety of infections, including bacteremia, intra-abdominal infections, osteomyelitis, pneumonia, pyelonephritis, septic arthritis/bursitis, skin and soft tissue infections, urinary tract infections and wound infections.

The center has 12 chairs and is set up for maximum patient comfort and privacy. Services are overseen by infectious disease specialists. The center is open seven days a week with easy access right inside the building off the parking garage.

“The physicians and staff are very pleased with how things are working,” said Jillian.  “We want to continue to find ways to create patient-friendly options for better care, including those that are not inside the hospital.”

Baptist Infusion Center
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