Enterprise Reporting Team Offers Classes Through WebEx

The Enterprise Reporting team offers several reporting classes through WebEx. You may take these classes in any order. Some reporting tools require additional permissions.
1.     Reporting Fundamentals
2.     SAP Webi Showcase
3.     Slicer Dicer Overview
4.     HB Finance – Data Warehouse Introduction
5.     PB Finance – Data Warehouse Introduction
6.     HB Finance – Cubes/Intro Data Warehouse
7.     PB Finance – Cubes/Intro Data Warehouse

PLEASE NOTE: You MUST register in HealthStream if you plan to attend. To register:
1.     Log in to HealthStream
2.     Click on “Catalog”
3.     Type (or copy/paste) the exact name of the reporting class you would like to attend in the search box and click on the green button to the right of the search box
4.     Click on the course name
5.     Click on the green “Enroll” button
6.     Click on the “Choose Class” button
7.     Register for the reporting class you would like to attend