What to do with dense breast diagnosis

Your doctor says you have dense breasts. How does that affect your breast care and exams?

Breast tissue is composed of fatty tissue and gland tissue. A dense breast is composed of more glandular tissue—thus making breast screenings more challenging.

Much discussion exists about dense breasts, cancer risks, and screening. With some estimates indicating nearly half of women have dense breast tissue, the condition is fairly common. So what to do if you’ve been diagnosed as having dense breasts?

Join Dr. Elizabeth Glenn, a diagnostic radiologist with Baptist Women’s Health Center, for an insightful Facebook Live talk about what to expect if diagnosed with dense breasts. Dr. Glenn will also explain Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) technology and its benefits. Unlike traditional ultrasound, ABUS produces 3-D images that allow radiologists to better see dense breasts and interpret the results—sometimes in half the time.

The Facebook Live event airs on May 4 at 3:30 PM.

To join the video live or to view at a later time, visit facebook.com/baptistonline.