DAISY Winners Serve Others with Compassion

These DAISY winners excelled at doing the big things and little things that made a huge difference to their patients, patients’ families and coworkers. Their care inspired colleagues and family members to nominate them for this special award.

Baptist Crittenden

Sara Neal

Sara’s nominator described her as “one of the kindest people I have ever met.” She took time to explain to the nominator’s son everything she was going to do to him. She was patient when he cried about getting a shot, and she told him every step she would take before running any test on him.

“I have been to many doctors’ offices and hospitals for myself and family members and never experienced that level of dedication to putting a patient’s concerns first,” the nominator wrote. “She is truly a blessing to the hospital and a wonderful nurse. I would trust the lives of my family in her hands.”

Carlton Purvis

Carlton won Baptist Crittenden’s Nursing Excellence Award, and his nominator asserts he deserved it for many reasons. Among those are his extraordinary leadership in everything he does, from helping on med surg to assisting fellow nurses and health unit coordinators. He goes above and beyond to make sure everything runs as smoothly as it can, especially when he is the charge nurse. Before he leaves, Carlton always asks his coworkers if he needs to do anything more.

“Carlton is always the first to volunteer to go into an isolation patient room and take care of the patient, just so others will not have to be exposed,” his nominator wrote. “I have witnessed him staying over when the emergency department is full to help the other nurses get caught up with anything they need. These are just some of the many reasons he deserves this award.”

Baptist North Mississippi

Anna Huynh

Anna’s nominator, who is also a nurse, raved about Anna’s kindness, extensive knowledge and compassion. The nominator also praised Anna’s efforts to protect patients’ dignity and autonomy.

“She is truly an example of what a nurse should be and will be a blessing to any patient she cares for,” the nominator wrote. “She is the picture of what a registered nurse should be. We will forever be grateful for her.”

LB Wiggins

LB left a big impression on her nominator in a number of ways. In addition to being nice and very attentive, LB took care of all the nominator’s concerns in a timely manner and filled a need for family at a time when the nominator’s biological relatives couldn’t be there. One small, simple act really touched the nominator.

“Just as I was being rolled to the elevator to be discharged, I noticed someone hurrying behind us. It was LB. She said that she just wanted to say bye and wished me well. Her actions meant the world to me, and I know God has great things in store for her because she has such a big heart.”

Baptist Union City

Scott McGuire

Although Scott’s nominator came to the hospital on New Year’s Day in excruciating pain, Scott made the patient’s four-day stay a lot of fun. He was funny, yet professional and made the nominator laugh at his jokes. According to the nominator, the whole staff was exceptional, but Scott was especially memorable.

Jennifer King

Jennifer’s care and service stood out to her nominator, particularly her knowledge and willingness to explain each step many times. Jennifer also handled the patient’s anxiety issues with much comfort, and she made sure other team members were aware of the patient’s challenges.

Her nominator wrote, “She is an awesome nurse and deserves to be recognized for her good work.”