DAISY winners kindle hearts of all kinds

Leslie Eaton, RN in ICU/Stepdown was named a DAISY Award recipient at Baptist Union County.

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<strong>Leslie Eaton, RN</strong> in ICU/Stepdown was named a DAISY Award recipient at Baptist Union County.  Leslie was nominated by multiple patients and family members who praised her for her compassion and professionalism. In one nomination, a patient wrote, “Leslie is very professional, has a great attention to detail, and has a wonderful sweet demeanor with the patient as well as with the family.

<strong>Cheryl Hodges, RN</strong> with the Women’s Center was named a DAISY Award recipient at Baptist Union County. Cheryl was nominated by several patients and colleagues who praised her for her compassion and kindness. In one nomination regarding Cheryl, a patient wrote, “You truly have a jewel in that department, and this is her ministry. She is one that is called to serve others and especially women in labor.”

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Baptist DeSoto named <strong>Trey McCullough</strong>, ICU/Stepdown as the second quarter DAISY winner in April. A patient shared, “He was always courteous, professional, caring and took the time to explain all the medications and procedures.  Most of all he was friendly and easy to talk to and my husband felt comfortable calling him for help, which was a lot.”

<strong>Lamia Ali, RN  ICU-Step Down,</strong> joined Trey in receiving a second quarter DAISY award in June. A mother expressed deep gratitude for Lamia’s attentive care while doctors diagnosed her daughter. “When I arrived on the fifth floor along with my daughter, I was feeling very heavy and overwhelmed by the concept of not knowing what my daughter’s illness was.  A diagnosis had not been made.   Some people like Lamia are special.  You just know that they are sent by God.  It’s kind of God’s way of letting us know that he is with us and that he is love!  The doctors now may have a diagnosis which would allow them to treat my daughter successfully.”

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<strong>Kalvin Smith, RN </strong>on the 5<sup>th</sup> floor Med/Surg, recognized an unusual healing moment for a patient. Per the family, “One night my father had a war flashback, and instead of Kalvin ignoring my father, he went along with it. He even went to check the perimeter to make sure things were clear. Kalvin stepped out for a few minutes and came back in and told him that everything was all clear, and this helped calm my father down and he finally got some rest.” Kalvin even checked on his patient on his day off. “My father passed away and went to heaven, but I will always remember the kindness we received from Kalvin.”

<strong>Selma Moyer, RN </strong>on the 3rd floor Med/Surg,

Multiple patients shared their stories about Selma, all recounting her uplifting spirit and compassion for details. “Selma goes above and beyond her call of duty, and she listens to her patients and their families. She is an excellent nurse and person.” Another patient’s testimonial read, “Selma lit up my room whenever she walked in and always made me feel better. She is so special, and she really does care and wants her patients to feel better.” Another patient took comfort when away from her mom. “She was good to my mom during her hospital stay. It was so comforting to know my mom was well cared for by Selma. She meets all of the criteria of a great nurse.”

<strong>Antonio Hankins, RN</strong> in the emergency department

Antonio made a deep impression on an out-of-town family member whose elderly parents were admitted to the emergency department for a severe stomach illness. “I am a nurse myself and he very appropriately and compassionately reassured me that he would take good care of my parents, and even ended the conversation with “drive safely, we are taking good care of them and they are fine. Over the past five years, we have had our share of hospital stays and ED visits and without a doubt, Antonio is at the top of the list of care providers we have experienced. He showed no evidence of rushing or impatience with any of the slowness often exhibited by elderly patients.”