DAISY Award Winners Honored for Demonstrated Goodwill

Nominated by co-workers, patients and their family members, four outstanding nurses were recently recognized as DAISY award winners.

Baptist Collierville

Collier Phillips, an RN in the ICU at Baptist Collierville, was nominated by a patient for anticipating his needs. The patient had several stints in the hospital for blood clots, including the three-day stay when Collier was his nurse. Collier would talk with the patient, keeping him company. He even further supported the patient by texting him after his discharge to check on him and offer encouraging words.

Baptist Union County

Jan Davis, an RN in Wound Care management at Baptist Union County, was nominated by a patient for her compassion and professionalism. The patient wrote that Jan patiently explained what she was doing and gave instructions on what to look for when caring for the wounds at home. Heather Reid, the chief nursing officer at the hospital, believes that Jan’s attention and concern for each patient is what makes her so exceptional.

Baptist Memphis

Cody Jones, an RN in Transplant ICU at Baptist Memphis, was nominated by a patient’s wife for his empathy during her husband’s stay. With COVID-19 restrictions in place, the family member was not able to visit her husband’s room. Cody texted her every shift, telling her how her spouse was doing, explaining the current treatment plan and offering to call or text further. He asked the family member about the patient’s favorite music so he could play it for him while he was on the ventilator, unable to communicate well. She wrote that Cody was a nurse she would never forget because of how he treated both her and her husband during the worst days of his illness.

Kelsey Fiveash, an RN in ICU at Baptist Memphis, was nominated by patients’ children. Both Mom and Dad were hospitalized with COVID-19, and their three children were unable to visit them because of restrictions in place at the time. Kelsey FaceTimed with the kids so they could see their parents, even with the mother intubated and sedated. She also offered to do the same for their father, who was further down the hall but not her patient. The phone calls allowed the kids to see both of their parents. Kelsey continued to do this over the course of their stays. Both parents died from COVID-19, but Kelsey was able to help them say goodbye. The children were astounded by Kelsey going above and beyond, writing that the world needs more nurses like her.