DAISY Award Winners Celebrated for Empathy and Kindness

Baptist Union County and Baptist Memphis honored nurses with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for their dedication to their patients and helpfulness toward fellow nurses.

Baptist Union County

Deya Kent, an RN in the surgery department at Baptist Union County, earned a DAISY Award for her empathy and care for a patient who nominated her. Deya has served at the hospital for 14 years.

The patient who nominated Deya said, “With an overflow of God’s blessing and grace, I sincerely nominate Deya Kent. She was with me for a period of one-on-one care and delivered empathy in a way not seen in today’s world.”

“It is truly an honor to recognize Deya for her compassion and excellent nursing skills,” said Heather Reid, chief nursing officer at Baptist Union County. “Deya’s dedication to the needs of her patients exemplifies what a true DAISY Award winner should be.”

Baptist Memphis

Lea VazquezLea Vazquez, an RN on 3 West at Baptist Memphis, won a DAISY Award for her dedication to patients and willingness to help her colleagues.

She was nominated by a fellow team member who said, “Lea is one of the strongest nurses I’ve ever worked with and is always willing to lend a hand to any of her colleagues. She’s so personable with her patients, willing to sit at their bedside answering the hard questions.”

Genna Payne, an RN in the ICU at Baptist Memphis, was honored with a DAISY Award after being nominated by a colleague for her kindness toward a patient. “Being a new nurse in ICU is overwhelming enough, but Genna has a big heart and always spends extra time with patients regardless of her to-do list,” said Genna’s nominator.

When Genna had a patient in isolation in the ICU who needed new batteries for a hearing aid, she supplied the need herself. “Long after Genna’s night shift had ended, I saw her come back into the unit, bringing with her new batteries she had purchased. I pray if I ever have a loved one in the hospital that they have a nurse like Genna.”