CONCERN at a glance

Baptist President and CEO Jason Little’s Leader letter gives some information about CONCERN, our employee assistance program. Here’s some additional info about it and its new director, Melissa Wilkes.

Who is Melissa?

Melissa is a licensed clinical social worker with two degrees in social work: a bachelor’s degree from Mississippi College and a master’s from Jackson State University. She comes to CONCERN from Alliance Healthcare Services, where she served as program director for crisis services.

What is her vision for CONCERN?

“My vision for CONCERN is that we be a resource for team members when/ if they need to access the service. My goal is for those whom have benefited from the service tell others about that experience so they may be propelled to get the help they need, as well.

“I want to assist in the movement for people to realize their mental health is just another part of their person that has to be taken care of, just like physical needs must be nurtured. Having come from the crisis setting prior to employee assistance programs, I routinely saw educated, working individuals just like you and me who just let life pile up on them.

“We never know when life experiences can take any of us into a tailspin. Everyone has to do a better job taking care of themselves so they do not arrive at that point. People with mental health conditions deserve just as much support and compassion as people with physical health conditions.”

How many counselors does CONCERN have?

CONCERN is staffed with 10 licensed counselors and 3 support staff.

What does CONCERN offer besides one-on-one counseling?

CONCERN counselors can provide couples and family counseling, and they can work with human resources departments to coordinate trainings on topics such as stress management, sexual harassment and maintaining a drug-free workplace. They also can facilitate critical incident stress debriefings in the event of a traumatic event or death and provide a number of other benefits.

Did you know?

CONCERN not only provides employee assistance for our Baptist team members. CONCERN also provides counseling services to more than 250 companies across the nation.

How can I learn more about CONCERN?

You can reach CONCERN by phone at 901-458-4000 or 800-445-5011, or you can visit its website or Facebook page.