BestHealth Testimonial: Writing Down Daily Food Intake Is a Script for Success

As Debra Smith, assistant professor and clinical coordinator for the Baptist Health Sciences University’ medical radiography program will tell you, being accountable is key in any long-term weight-loss program. She attended the GoHealthy! classes and says writing down the amount of fruits and vegetables she consumed daily helped ensure she was eating the right number of servings.

“Attending every class, setting specific goals, having so much support and getting valuable tips really made the difference,” said Debra.

She has always felt her weight was too high, which was confirmed at a biometric screening. “I was probably pre-diabetic, so I was motivated to lose weight, get my blood sugar under control, and also I wanted to look my best.”

Attending the GoHealthy! class, Debra lost 20 pounds.

“I thought it was amazing!” she said.

Debra is continuing to work on losing even more weight with the help of a chart she learned about in class that lists red, yellow and green foods.

“I can eat as many of the green foods as I like, so now my husband, who is retired and does all the cooking, is making more of that for us. And he likes it, too!”