BestHealth Testimonial: No Excuses, Common Sense Approach Garner Results for Healthier Living

Dave Embry, tech services manager at Baptist Tipton, likens living a healthy lifestyle to a toolbox.

“Diet, exercising, avoiding fatty foods—they are all tools to help me get there.”

Dave and his wife, Christy, both underwent gastric sleeve surgery two years ago.

“I was at my heaviest, which was 408 pounds. I lost 183 pounds, started running, and did a good job of maintaining my weight. Then back trouble took me off course and I re-gained 60 pounds. And my cousin died of a massive heart attack. That was my lightbulb moment.”

During his GoHealthy! classes, Dave lost 30 pounds and now weighs 255 pounds.

“In class you can talk to someone in your same shoes who understands,” he said. “You are held accountable. I’m very goal-oriented, and the BestHealth financial incentive was also a motivator. But mainly I wanted to be around for my two children and to be a supportive husband.”

Dave says his advice is to keep it simple.

“Maintain a positive attitude, set small goals and celebrate them, and don’t make excuses. If I have time to watch an hour of television, I have time to work out.”