Baptist Women’s Hospital Celebrates Residency Program Anniversary

Baptist Memorial Hospital for Women will welcome four new residents who matched with its OBGYN Residency Program on July 1, 2022, as it also celebrates the one-year anniversary of the program’s creation and the inaugural OBGYN class completing its first year with the program.

With around 6,000 deliveries every year, about half being considered high risk, and exposure to subspecialties such as maternal fetal medicine (MFM), reproductive endocrinology (REI), gynecological oncology (GYNONC) and urogynecology (UROGYN), Baptist has established a program that provides OBGYN residents ample opportunity to learn, develop and succeed.

Dr. Rufus Samuel, a second-year resident, expressed his appreciation for the opportunities the program has given him. “I am glad to contribute to real change, in setting the tone and expectations for future classes with learning, practicing, teaching, and caring for patients,” he explained. Dr. Samuel believes that he has gained more experience at a quicker pace at Baptist.

Not only does the program train residents to provide the best quality of care to their patients during deliveries and C-sections, it also offers hands-on practice in the SIM lab and emphasizes the importance of a healthy work-life balance. Residents have accommodating schedules, wellness initiatives and opportunities to attend cultural and educational outings that help promote a sense of community.

Initially, the program consisted of one overall director to lead the residents but has since added two assistant directors to help develop and structure the program. Dr. Frank Ling, who has been involved in medical education for more than four decades, serves as the program director. Dr. Ling points to the residents’ enthusiasm and hard work, the physician mentors’ attentiveness, nursing staff’s insights and the administrative support the program has received as the foundations for the program’s success during the last 12 months.

“They have successfully undertaken the task of creating a new climate of teaching, learning and patient care,” expressed Dr. Ling. “With our growth, there will continue to be new opportunities to show the dedication and investment by all the groups mentioned.”

The dedication and hard work of everyone involved are what truly allow the residents to thrive. “The overwhelming sense of support from both the faculty and residents is second to none,” said Dr. Natalia Klett, a second-year resident. The directors also make an effort to consider the resident’s feedback and do their best to make adjustments to continue enhancing the program going forward. Dr. Klett also mentioned the phenomenal faculty attendings who are committed to their residents’ education each day. “They are all invested in our education and continuously have an open-door policy,” she remarked.

As the first year of the program is now complete, and more residents join, the program will continue to educate, train and guide OBGYN residents to providing the highest quality of care for their patients throughout their careers at Baptist and other hospitals in the future.