Baptist Technology Services Installs Microsoft Teams on All Computers

Use Microsoft Teams and you could win a prize

The Baptist Technology Services (BTS) team is installing Microsoft Teams on all desktop computers to improve the ability for team members to collaborate with one another. Team members can use Microsoft Teams Meetings and Chat to schedule online meetings and send quick messages to one another. Microsoft Teams Meetings will eventually replace WebEx, and Microsoft Teams Chat replaces Microsoft Lync and Skype. The changes are planned to take place on Sept. 30.

All Baptist team members can access Microsoft Teams from any computer or mobile device by going to office.com and entering their work email address and the same password they enter when logging on to a Baptist desktop computer. This week, all team members who have their own desktop computers or share a desktop will also have the Teams application on their desktops. Team members authorized to receive work emails on their cell phones can also download the Microsoft Teams app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Baptist’s Mobile Device Policy applies.

BTS offers two ways to learn more about Microsoft Teams. You can visit the Learning Pathways to learn at your own pace, or you can go to the O365 News Site to sign up for instructor-led training. BTS will add training sessions throughout the summer, so visit the O365 News Site regularly.

Stay tuned to the Baptist Leader for details on how you can win a prize for using Microsoft Teams Meetings and Chat.