Baptist Medical Group Offers Area’s First Immersive Mammogram Experience

Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center in Germantown is offering Mid-Southerners the first opportunity to experience an enhanced mammogram, a fully immersive experience including sights, sounds and smells.

GE’s SensorySuite for mammograms surrounds patients with an interactive video that simultaneously stimulates their sight, smell and hearing to help distract patients from the anxiety that might accompany the mammogram process. Surveys have identified fear of pain from mammograms among the top reasons women don’t get mammograms.

“With the SensorySuite at Baptist Medical Group-Outpatient Care Center, patients can choose which scenes, sounds and smells will be the most comforting to them during their mammogram,” said Dr. Heidi Umphrey, a radiologist with Baptist. “This is important because being able to relax during a mammogram can lead to more accurate screenings, patient compliance and retention. This technology helps provide a spa-like setting for patients, which can help ensure the most comfortable environment during screenings.”

Before the mammogram starts, patients can select video scenery and accompanying sounds from a flat-screen monitor. When patients choose a smell, a scent diffuser infuses the air with the fragrance.

The service is considered the same as a routine exam and will be covered similarly by insurance. Women may contact the BMG-Outpatient Care Center at 901-757-1350 to schedule a visit or for more information.