Baptist Honored as Finalist for Alerts Impact Award

Baptist Memorial Health Care was chosen as a finalist by ECRI for the 2021 Alerts Impact Award, and the group placed the recognition on a Times Square billboard. ECRI is a non-profit organization that focuses on protecting patients from unsafe and ineffective technologies and practices. Baptist uses their  Alerts Tracker product to help manage the hundreds of recall notices and safety alerts published yearly for devices, equipment, pharmaceuticals and food.

ECRI praised Baptist for continuing to be proactive with the recall process and using Alerts Workflow to its fullest. ECRI representatives noted in a congratulatory letter that “Your organization’s 69% compliance improvement throughout 2020 was particularly remarkable during an unprecedented time in health care.” ECRI also complimented Baptist for being “a strong reference to help other organizations with best practices.”

The ECRI Alerts Impact Award recognizes members of ECRI’s Alerts Workflow community for developing and maintaining exceptional recall management programs. Finalists and winners are chosen after a review of leadership and policy, interdepartmental collaboration and coverage, program compliance, and program oversight and reporting processes. The selection process was completed by ECRI staff and a group of peers who are part of ECRI’s Medical Safety Council.