Baptist DeSoto opens new Obstetric ED for expectant moms

Baptist DeSoto opens new Obstetric ED for expectant moms

With the October opening of the Baptist DeSoto obstetrical emergency department, expectant moms can now receive highly tailored, specialized care when experiencing an emergency during pregnancy.

A first for the hospital, this OB ED provides a higher level of care.

“The OB ED is an extension of the hospital but is also like an after-hours clinic. We specialize in pregnant women, giving them more precise attention,” said Dr. Blake Smith, who leads the new service.

Smith said doctors see expectant moms who experience a wide range of issues during pregnancy, from a common cold to labor pains—even a squirrel bite.

The OB ED is staffed by board-certified, specially trained OB/GYN hospitalists who provide 24/7 support and coverage for the labor and delivery department. These doctors are called hospitalists because they only practice in the hospital, rather than in a physician’s office, and must meet yearly continuing medical education requirements. Eight doctors will rotate through the OB ED to maintain the 24/7 coverage.

The OB/GYN hospitalists also provide additional expertise and support for under-served patients who haven’t had prenatal care, as well as the labor and delivery nursing team and local OB/GYNs who deliver babies at Baptist DeSoto. For women who have a regular OB/GYN, the Baptist DeSoto doctors will work hand-in-hand with a patient’s doctor during and after the visit.

As word spreads about the new OB ED, so does the excitement.

“The OB/GYNs are very excited about it,” said Dr. Joann Wood, Baptist DeSoto’s chief medical officer.