A Story of Extraordinary Compassion for Nurses Week with a DAISY Award

We’re in the middle of National Nurses Week, which ends on May 12 – Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Happy Nurses Week!

Baptist honors and appreciates our nurses year-round and presents DAISY Awards to those who’ve been nominated for an extraordinary act of compassion or a relationship with a patient that made a difference.

Congratulations to one of Baptist’s latest recipients of a DAISY Award, Jacqueline Latessa, RN on 3 East at Baptist Memphis.

Jacqueline was nominated by a patient who shared a story about being admitted for COVID-19 complications and staying in the hospital for a month. Her nominator said, “During this time, I had several excellent nurses who cared for me, but by far the nurse who surpassed all expectations and job requirements was Jacqueline. Being isolated and unsure of my prognosis made me quite anxious and frightened, but that all changed when Jacqueline came into my room.”

Jacqueline’s patient noted that she answered all her questions honestly in terms she could understand and came quickly when she was needed. Jacqueline also helped calm the patient during discharge. The patient noted feeling very stressed after receiving differing opinions from physicians about whether it was time to go home.

The patient shared, “She went through my chart to reassure me why going home was the best thing I could do for my recovery. She personally helped me gather my belongings, and then calmly and cheerly reviewed my discharge paperwork with me. By the time it was time to leave, I was relaxed and confident. It was nothing short of a miracle, and I felt I had gained a new best friend!”