An important reminder

By now, I hope you are familiar with HumanaVitality, our employee wellness program, and I hope you have learned about how it can benefit you. It is a very effective program that has helped a number of team members improve their overall health. We’re excited to offer you a $480 discount next year if you reach Silver status in the program by September 1 of this year.

Getting and staying healthy can be difficult, and I want you to have all the support you need to take care of yourself and your family. HumanaVitality gives you some of that support, providing access to information, health coaches and other resources. It also rewards you for establishing healthy habits and achieving results.

If you need help getting started in HumanaVitality, or if you need help getting to Silver status, click here. The journey to good health is a long one; it’s OK to get some help along the way.

How has your experience been with HumanaVitality? Feel free to share it with me by email, on Twitter @jason_m_little, or on LinkedIn.