It’s Almost Tax Time!

Watch out for Tax-Related Identity Theft

The most common types of tax-related identity theft involve an identity thief using another person’s Social Security Number to get a job or a tax refund. You should take action if you receive a letter from the IRS informing you of a problem with your tax return because IRS records show:

  • You were paid by an employer you don’t know; or
  • More than one tax return was filed using your Social Security Number

If you receive such a letter, you should immediately contact the Internal Revenue Service Identity Protection Specialized Unit at 1-800-908-4490.

Important to Remember

The IRS doesn’t initiate contact with taxpayers electronically to request personal or financial information. This includes any type of electronic communication, such as email, text messages and social media channels. The IRS does not call taxpayers with threats of lawsuits or arrests.

If someone calls and says you owe taxes and that you must pay over the phone or a warrant will be issued for your arrest, that caller is not from the IRS. The caller is a thief trying to steal your money by getting your bank account number or other financial information. Don’t fall prey to such a scam. Remain calm. Do not provide any personal information to the caller. Do not confirm any personal information. Simply hang up.

You can find more information about tax-related identity theft by clicking on this link:

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