Service First Champs Tuned into Others

[toggle title=”Corporate” state=”open”] Whether easily remembering names or pausing to help a stranger, Vicki Long doesn’t hesitate to reach out when she instinctually senses a need. While driving to work one dark morning, a dazed man walked into the road. He had fallen asleep at the wheel and hit a tree. She immediately called for help, later visiting the family in the hospital. Corp. Service First Champ-Vicki Long

Currently an internal auditor and a former nurse, her helpful nature extends to all who know her, especially her Baptist team members. As one mentioned, “you can take the nurse away from the bedside, but you can’t take away the desire to nurse.” She mentors those new to nursing and checks on team members who may be under the weather, even buying a new robe for a fellow employee who was hospitalized.

In her daily auditing role, she never hesitates to help with tasks beyond her own desk, sensing when those around her could benefit from an extra ounce of kindness.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Union County” state=”close”] Ethan Thomas, certified admissions representative, was recently named Baptist Union County’s Service First Champion for the quarter. Ethan has been part of the Baptist team for six years in the admissions department.

As a result of winter weather conditions in December, Baptist Union County experienced an influx of visitors taking shelter in the lobby from the storms. Ethan calmly directed patients and visitors to a safe area. In the nomination, Ethan was commended for not only taking care of patients, but for also rounding on visitors to see that their needs were met. Union County Service First Champion Ethan Thomas

“By staying calm and reassuring to our visitors, Ethan’s demeanor allowed the visitors to remain calm during a very frightening time,” stated Barbara Owens, administrative director, who nominated Ethan. “Ethan is consistently kind and self-directed in his daily work performance, whether it’s registering patients, answering the switchboard, or transporting patients to a unit.”

Many comments and compliments have been received over the years from patients, family members, and even staff about the “nice young man who is so helpful” in the front lobby.
[/toggle] [toggle title=”Golden Triangle” state=”close”] Hannah Kyles, ultrasound technologist in the Echo department, was recognized for going above and beyond her normal work duties by spending extra time with a patient who was having an extremely emotional day.

Golden Triangle Service First champ-Hannah Kyles“Hannah stood at her bedside and talked for a while listening to her story. After Hannah was finished, she asked (the patient) if she could pray with her,” her nomination letter read. “This lady was so appreciative that Hannah took the time to sit and listen to her and console her and pray with her. I believe Hannah went above and beyond in not just offering the services she was hired to do, but by also offering her time to just listen, offer encouragement and prayer to a patient.”

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Union City” state=”close”] At a recent reception, Robbie Taylor, manager of infection prevention and employee health, was recognized as Service First Champion for the first quarter of fiscal year 2016. Union City Service First Champ-Robbie Taylor

“I am nominating Robbie Taylor for Service First Champion because she showed great compassion and selflessness this Christmas season. Nearly 30 children were left on the Angel Tree for adoption the day before gifts were due. Robbie took the bulk of the remainder of the children with no knowledge that anyone knew what she was doing. She made sure that the less fortunate were going to have a nice gift for Christmas. While at work, Robbie may track you down to get a flu shot or send out an e-mail to educate you on the latest recall or health crisis. She is serious about the job that she does and performs it very well. She is interested in the health of our patients and keeping employees safe and well. Her kindness and caring went a step further when I was made aware that she had done this random act of kindness. Acts like this shed a positive light on our hospital! Robbie is just the type of employee who does these things without the need for recognition or glory. What a great example of service to others!”

Robbie has been a Baptist Union City colleague since 1977.