Introducing MyChart Day at a Glance

With the arrival of Day at a Glance, patients and their families now have greater access to a patient’s daily care schedule while in the hospital. As part of Baptist OneCare MyChart, Day at a Glance can be viewed from a mobile phone, tablet or other device that connects to MyChart.

Now, patients and their loved ones can see a detailed breakdown of the patient’s entire day from morning to night.

  • Learn when patients are scheduled for a lab or test.
  • Find out about therapy appointments.
  • View upcoming lab work and diagnostic tests.
  • See a list of a patient’s medications and when they are to receive them.
  • Families and patients can view a summary of previous day’s treatments, medications, and activities.
  • Using Inpatient Day at a Glance can help patients and families participate in their care at Baptist.

Use this tool to see what’s happening with your loved one while in the hospital.

To sign up for MyChart, go to or visit the Baptist OneCare page on MyBaptist.