Corporate building Service First Champ helps Baptist team members give back to the community

Ann Marie Wallace, a system community outreach coordinator for Baptist, was named the Corporate building’s second quarter Service First champion for providing Baptist team members with opportunities to participate in community service projects.

Cynthia Allen, Baptist’s system manager of community outreach, nominated Ann Marie and marveled at her devotion and dedication to her job.

“I thought I was a hard worker until I met Ann Marie,” Cynthia wrote. “I thought I could juggle a million things at once until I met her. Not only does she go the extra mile every time, but she doesn’t miss a single tiny detail.”

Earlier this year, Ann Marie recruited more than 30 Baptist Memphis, Women’s and Corporate team members – including Baptist President and CEO Jason Little and several other senior leaders ‒ to participate in the city of Memphis’ Faith in Action citywide clean up. In addition, she bought numerous supplies such as buckets of paint, brushes and rollers, and she gathered other supplies from the Memphis City Beautiful office. She also brought ladders and similar materials from her home.

“I can’t describe how it felt to see our team uniting for one common goal—giving back to benefit the community,” Cynthia wrote. “This outreach activity not only helped our community, it also greatly enhanced Baptist’s image as an organization and furthered our efforts to build goodwill. Thank you, Ann Marie, for going above and beyond every day!!!”

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