Baptist VP wins Fatherhood Hall of Fame award

Baptist Vice President of Government Affairs Rev. Keith Norman recently received the Team Captain Award during the Memphis Fatherhood Hall of Fame awards for setting a great example for other fathers and mentors. The awards were part of a weekend that also included the fifth annual Training Camp for Dads.

The Fatherhood Hall of Fame awards honor fathers and all they do for their families and the community. According to Memphis Mayor A C Wharton, who hosted the event, the awards are a way of acknowledging great men who are shining examples of what manhood and fatherhood are all about.

Rev. Norman recorded a video on fatherhood in support of the Training Camp for Dads. Links to the video are below.

mms://ETCCWMSVR/Rev. Keith Norman on Fatherhood (Click this link if you’re on a Baptist computer.)


Rev. Norman’s children recorded a video tribute that was shown during the awards presentation. Links to that video are below.

mms://ETCCWMSVR/Training Camp for Dads, Rev. Keith Norman Family Tribute (Click this link if you’re on a Baptist computer.)