You signed up for HumanaVitality. Now what?

During the past two months, hundreds of team members have signed up for HumanaVitality. A number of you have even achieved Bronze status. But have you gone further?

As you may know, if you reach Silver status by Sept. 1, 2015, you will receive a $40 discount on your health insurance premiums every month ($20 per paycheck) in 2016. Therefore, you have additional incentive to remain engaged with HumanaVitality.

The more points you earn, the more Vitality Bucks you’ll earn, which you can use to buy electronics, gift cards and a number of other items in the Vitality Mall. You can reach higher levels than Silver (Gold and Platinum), and the higher level you achieve, the fewer Vitality Bucks you’ll need to buy items in the Vitality Mall.

If all this convinces you to become more involved in HumanaVitality, here are seven things you can do:

  1. Complete your health assessment. You’ll automatically reach Bronze status, and if you do it by Sept. 1, 2015, you’ll get a $20 discount on your health insurance premiums every month in 2016 ($10 a paycheck).
  2. Get your Vitality Check. Click here for more information. You can earn up to 4,000 Vitality Points for this.
  3. Download the HumanaVitality app. Click here to learn the advantages of staying active in HumanaVitality through the app. You can also engage with HumanaVitality through the website,
  4. Reach your goals. After you complete your health assessment, you should receive suggested goals. You’ll earn points for completing those goals by the deadline.
  5. Exercise often. You can receive 15 points a day for exercising, plus extra points for the first day of the week you exercise and for working out at least five times a week. Please note: You must either sync a compatible fitness device (FitBit, heart rate monitor, etc.) or mobile app with HumanaVitality or workout at a participating health club to receive points).
  6. Get credit for what you’re already doing. Are you CPR certified? Do you donate blood? You can earn Vitality Points for these and similar activities. Visit to learn more.
  7. Visit the HumanaVitality app or regularly. You can earn up to 120 Vitality Points a year for this. Plus, you can earn additional points for completing health calculators and milestones on the site and/or app.