Healthy Lifestyle class starts Jan. 24

The next installment of the RENEW healthy lifestyle program will begin on Saturday, Jan. 24 from 10 am to noon at the KROC Center, 800 E. Parkway South. The 10-week program combines personal training, nutrition, and group psychological counseling. Classes meet once a week at the same time until Saturday, March 28. For more information, please call 901-227-3519.

The goal of RENEW is to:

  • Provide participants with tools that equip them to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Recognize and deal effectively with emotional triggers that influence eating
  • Manage stress, understand change, develop assertiveness and establish realistic expectations
  • Make healthy food choices, eat balanced meals, get active, and lose weight using the non-diet approach


  • Eight weeks of exercise (45-minute sessions of cardio and weights)
  • Group sessions with a psychologist and educator. Information provided to develop a healthy lifestyle discipline.
  • Nutritional group sessions discussing healthy eating.
  • Development of a healthy lifestyle and weight loss


  • Willing to make changes in habits
  • Attending all scheduled meetings
  • Completing enrollment forms prior to class
  • Participants must reside in the state of Tennessee

Participating in the Program
Classes are limited to 12 participants at a time, and there is no cost for residents of Tennessee. Adults at least 50 pounds overweight are eligible for the program.


RENEW is funded by the Tennessee Department of Health.