Happy Anniversary, Baptist Leader!

This issue marks the one-year anniversary of the online Baptist Leader. In honor of that milestone, here are a few things we’ve learned during the past 12 months.

You like reading Leader online.
In 2014, readers viewed 388,000 pages of the Leader blog, and the average visitor read five pages per visit. The bi-weekly Leader e-mails drew more than 40,000 clicks.

You love a good deal.
Articles about discounts to Memphis Grizzlies games, Verizon and other businesses drew 12,000 views. We’ll keep those articles coming!

You care about your leaders.
By far, the most read article of the year was the story on Baptist President Emeritus Stephen Reynolds’ retirement. The second most popular article? The one that announced Baptist’s new leadership team.

You also care about our patients and one another.
Some of our most popular articles chronicled the challenges and successes of Baptist team members and patients. The most popular of these stories – an article on a 3-year-old Baptist Eye Centre patient – had more than 4,100 views. Other well-read articles included those about Baptist North Mississippi team members who planned a wedding for a cancer patient and her fiancé (2,025 views), a Baptist Memphis team member who rescued an elderly neighbor (1,674 views), and an 88-year-old Baptist Tipton team member (1,572 views).

Some things never change.
The classified ads were the most popular feature of the printed leader, and they’re popular online, too. Last year, the classified ads section had 85,000 views.

We want to hear from you.
These numbers can only tell us so much, so our New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to ask you what you think of the online Baptist Leader. In the near future, you’ll be able to share your thoughts in a Leader survey.