Sync, upload and track activity directly on HumanaVitality website

Starting on Monday, June 30, HumanaVitality® members will be able to sync, upload or track their fitness activity directly into the HumanaVitality website,, rather than using HumanaFit. Here are a few things you should know about the new HumanaVitality device experience.

Earning Vitality Points
You must reconnect your fitness device to HumanaVitality by June 30 to continue earning Vitality Points™. Don’t worry if you haven’t reconnected your device yet, you will continue to earn Vitality Points through HumanaFit and can view your rewards activity on your Vitality Statement until you
reconnect your device.

New HumanaVitality Workout Calendar
Sign in to HumanaVitality anytime you want to view your Workout Calendar. The HumanaVitality workout calendar will display both workouts completed and whether Vitality Points were awarded for that workout. Workouts will only be displayed on the new calendar after you have reconnected your device to HumanaVitality.

HumanaFit site features not available on HumanaVitality
Log Food, Create Route, and Find Friends. If these features are important to you, there are many free programs that offer these services, including RunKeeper®, MapMyFitness® and MyFitnessPal®. Please note: MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal are not compatible with HumanaVitality, and Vitality Points will not be awarded for using these tools at this time.

Nike Devices
Currently, Nike® devices are not compatible with If you use a Nike device such as Nike+ FuelBand, Nike+ Running App, or Nike+ iPod Nano®, continue to use HumanaFit to upload workout data and earn Vitality Points just as you have been doing. We are working on a solution
with RunKeeper that will enable you to continue to earn Vitality Points using your Nike devices when HumanaFit retires on June 30. We will communicate any changes to your Nike device experience on HumanaVitality as soon as information becomes available.

Reconnecting your device to HumanaVitality
You will need to sign in to HumanaVitality the first time you reconnect your device. Once your device and your device account are connected to HumanaVitality, your workout data will automatically sync and sign-in is not required.

If you have a Humana g1.0 or g2.0 Pedometer:

  1. Sign in to HumanaVitality
  2. Plug in your Humana g1.0 or g2.0 pedometer
  3. Click the View Calendar button and you will be automatically directed to the new Workout Calendar
  4. If you don’t see View Calendar, go to the Connect Fitness Devices page and click the prompt to begin registering your device

For all other Compatible Fitness Devices:

  1. Sign in to HumanaVitality
  2. Visit the Connect Fitness Devices page under Get Healthy tab→ Fitness and Exercise
  3. Find the link under your device logo to reconnect your device directly to HumanaVitality
    After you sign in and connect your device to HumanaVitality, all future workout uploads are automatic. Remember, each time you wish to view your workout calendar you will need to sign in to your HumanaVitality account.

Be sure to reconnect before June 30, 2014, when HumanaFit will no longer be available.

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What happens to my HumanaFit account after June 30?
On July 1, you will still be able to access all of your previous information on MapMyFitness using your HumanaFit username and password. Because you will no longer be able to earn Vitality Points for new workouts through MapMyFitness, be sure to connect a compatible fitness device to HumanaVitality to continue earning points before the June 30 deadline.

View the current list of compatible fitness devices and how to earn Vitality Points for reaching your daily fitness minimum with each device in the Fitness Devices section on