Getting to Know Dr. Seema Abassi


I was born in Pakistan, grew up in Saudi Arabia and have lived in Memphis, my adopted home, for 18 years now.

Education: Attended medical school in Pakistan, pediatric residency at the University of Texas-Houston, fellowship in pediatric infectious diseases at St. Jude and LeBonheur Children’s Hospitals.
Specialty: Pediatrics

 What made you decide to join Baptist?
I joined Dr. Janet Geiger and Dr. Ellen Stecker at River City Pediatrics in January 2010. When River City Pediatrics was acquired by BMG, we all became a part of the Baptist family.

What are some of the future benefits you look forward to from working with Baptist?
To capitalize on their immense resources, including diagnostic and professional development, to provide better patient care.

What do you enjoy doing outside your job?
Traveling, hiking

What is a highlight of your career?
One of the highlights was the opportunity to work at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where I was privileged to collaborate with really outstanding physicians/scientists and publish some important papers in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Where has your career taken you in terms of cities and states?
Houston, Texas; Memphis and Bolivar, Tenn.; and Palo Alto, Calif.