Disaster drill at Baptist Union City sets expectations for possible emergencies

Recently, hospital staff at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City and other emergency responders from the community participated in a mock disaster drill. The scenario involved a tornado that hit the hospital and schools. Dozens of Health Occupations Students of America from local high schools acted as victims.

According to Skipper Bondurant, administrator and CEO of Baptist Union City, the purpose of the exercise was to, “Test the effectiveness of evacuating part of the hospital and relocating to another facility. In addition, medical personnel were tested as to how quickly they could triage a large number of injured individuals,” he said.

Baptist Union City coordinated the exercise with several other hospitals in the region as they tested the use of a bar code tracking system. Pictured participating in the mock disaster drill are Baptist Union City colleagues Amy McCoy, RN, staff development specialist; and Barbara Montgomery, RN, CCU nurse manager.