Baptist Rehab Huntingdon gets a gold record artist back on his feet

Baptist Rehabilitation-Huntingdon patient Carl Mann is one of the few artists in the country with a gold record that stayed on the Top 100 Billboard charts for 26 weeks. At 16 years old, Mann sold more than 1 million copies of his hit single “Mona Lisa” in 1959. Fifty-four years later, Mann is still popular and is able to go out on tour again because of the great care from Baptist Rehab colleagues.

Mann first heard about Baptist Rehab in Huntingdon in 2010 through a friend, client relations coordinator Melissa Powell.

He described his knee problems to Powell at a local restaurant, and she told him about the services at Baptist Rehab that would help him get back on his feet.

Shortly after, Mann travelled to Nashville for knee replacement surgery, and doctors discovered he had three blocked arteries. The knee surgery was canceled, and physicians began to address his heart problem. On Jan. 25, 2011, Mann had open heart surgery.

Following his open heart surgery, Mann had cardiac rehabilitation at Baptist Rehab. He successfully recovered and stated he was very pleased with his progress and the service he received.

“It couldn’t have been any better,” he said.

“Carl participated in our aquatic therapy program and was able to gain strength and endurance to later undergo bilateral knee replacement surgery,” said Julie Bartholomew, director of Baptist Rehabilitation in Huntingdon.

To prepare for his  knee replacement surgery, Mann had to get his weight and diabetes under control.

“Baptist helped me make progress toward my goals of losing weight and obtaining better control of my diabetes. My therapy worked well, and I saw a lot of improvement,” he said.

Mann lost 12 pounds before his total knee replacement surgery and had better control of his blood sugar. The progress was a big help to his recovery from knee replacement surgery.

Following Mann’s second total knee replacement, he participated in Baptist Huntingdon’s swing bed inpatient rehab program.

“We were all very pleased at how well he progressed,” said  Bartholomew.

Baptist Rehab colleagues are thrilled to be a part of Mann’s recovery and see him get back on the road for the American Festival in England in July 2013.

“The Baptist Rehab team helped me get back on stage this summer! They made this happen, and I’m saving them all backstage passes for the terrific medical care they provided,” he said.