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Baptist congratulates Aim to Maintain winners

It’s not easy to maintain weight, or even lose it, during the holidays, but a group of Baptist team members did just that during the Salvation Army Kroc Center’s 2016 Aim to Maintain challenge. They were among the 104 people who either maintained weight or lost weight through the program.

The 104 finishers lost anywhere from zero to 17 pounds, with the average weight loss at 3.3 pounds. Altogether, the group lost 340 pounds!

Sixteen Baptist team members were among those who won prizes for maintaining or losing weight, and Cyndi Roberts, administrative secretary at Baptist Tipton, won the grand prize for losing the highest percentage of weight.

Baptist team members who won prizes:

  • Cyndi Roberts
  • Joel Goetz
  • Ropo Sanvee
  • Shundonna Shaw
  • LaQuita Kearney
  • John O’Brien
  • Melinda Boudreau
  • Martha Krajewski
  • Megan Bursi
  • Ilene Rowser
  • Christina Hillhouse
  • Quentin Hentz
  • Norma Rowland
  • Ann Marie Wallace
  • Kierra Eason
  • Roslyn Jackson

Winners who did not attend the celebration can contact Katie Pearson at to collect your prize.

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