Thursday, February 22, 2018
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Humana Vitality is still about choice

Sometimes, the noblest of intentions may be present, but the catalyst to change may be driven by another motivation. “I confess, when they announced we would save money on our health care plans, that’s when I signed up …

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Silver is closer than you think

With Sept. 1 just around the corner, you may be thinking it’s too late to reach HumanaVitality Silver Status. If so, a word of encouragement for everyone who started down the road—then got sidetracked by nearly every other …

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Time to Get Your Y Game On

Once again, Baptist is set to participate in the annual YMCA Corporate Games, a week-long competition among Mid-South companies and organizations. By simply playing games, local teams can help support YMCA programs. Baptist teams are forming for the …

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An important reminder

By now, I hope you are familiar with HumanaVitality, our employee wellness program, and I hope you have learned about how it can benefit you. It is a very effective program that has helped a number of team …

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Strive for HumanaVitality Silver in March!

This month, forget the pot of gold and strive for silver instead. If you’re new to HumanaVitality, remember this is the month to get a strong start toward reaching Silver status in the employee wellness program. You can …

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Think Silver for HumanaVitality 2016

This spring, color your world Silver with HumanaVitality. For seasoned and new team members on Baptist’s health plan, the path to earning discounts on your 2017 insurance premiums begins with your own health in 2016. We make it …

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