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Support for our clinical team

On Tuesday, we began adding a team of caregivers to our hospital ICUs when we introduced TeleGuardian. You can read this Baptist Leader article for more information about what TeleGuardian is and what it does, and I’m so happy to say it’s already saving lives.

With TeleGuardian, we’re able to provide our clinical team members and our patients with support and reassurance because a team of experts is looking out for them. Our team members can rely on the TeleGuardian team to help them shoulder the awesome responsibility of caring for critically ill patients. Our patients can rest assured that a second group of experienced nurses is constantly monitoring them, looking for even the slightest change in their condition.

We are so blessed to be able to provide this service to communities of all sizes. It’s one of the many benefits that come with being the Mid-South’s largest health care provider, and it’s another way we can help achieve our goal of providing high-quality care close to home for the communities we serve.

We ask so much of our clinical team. They hold our patients’ lives in their hands. It’s our duty, as an empathetic organization, to help them however we can, and TeleGuardian is one way we’re doing that. I would like to thank Derick Ziegler, Katie Morrissette, and the many other team members responsible for bringing this lifesaving service to our patients. Your dedication to this service and our patients is truly admirable.

What do you think of TeleGuardian? Tell me by email, tweeting me @jason_m_little or finding me on LinkedIn.

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